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 投稿者:Jonessaboaswellasobligat  投稿日:2013年 4月19日(金)04時44分4秒
  Merely  wanna  remark  on few general things, The website design  is perfect, the  written content  is  really   excellent  : D.



Re: (無題)

 投稿者:Tsukika  投稿日:2012年 7月30日(月)22時37分39秒
  > No.196[元記事へ]

Hi Kozue-san. Are you a Japanese right?



 投稿者:Kozue  投稿日:2012年 5月15日(火)05時39分49秒
  Hi Tsukika-san would you please how to get in touch with Jerry's family?
I am an old friend in London and didn't know of the sad news till now.
Many thanks. Kozue


 投稿者:Tsukika  投稿日:2011年12月16日(金)00時59分28秒
  hi Jerry I had a good time tonight as I could feel fitting in to my job and it has been for ages to take the feeling back. We've got a new boss at Ueno but I don't think I can get on with. So I might leave this place.. umm
I just wanna hear your voice and am just wondering if what you would say.

See you again.


 投稿者:Tsukika  投稿日:2011年11月13日(日)02時10分53秒
  Hi Jerry. This is the beautiful night as the moon is so bright all around.
Tonight,I fall asleep with listen to 'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart' of Alicia Keys which is the way I'd like to go. like the song.

Sweet dreams.

Dear Jerry

 投稿者:Tsukika  投稿日:2011年11月11日(金)02時06分42秒
  Hi its Tsukika again. I became 22 years old right now today.
The weather news said it supposed to be raining but it wasn't as i could see the moon in the sky. And thought hope you have reached to the moon, Jerry.

See you again so soon..
With alot of love.

Long time no see

 投稿者:Tsukika  投稿日:2011年11月 2日(水)03時25分29秒
  Hi Jerry. Tsukika is here.
I had heard from your soul mates about you are gone to the moon trip. Your mate came over to our HARD ROCK CAFE tonight and took a seat at BAR where you used to be.
If i could know that you would be gone so far,we might able to had a little chat or go to the UYENO ZOO maybe.
My birthday is coming in 2 weeks by the way. i'm gonna turn to 22 years old, still young aye? and yeah im such a lucky girl who could meet you, know you the last :)
Never ever forget you. You were my special guest l ever had.
I'm gonna miss your English, your acting and you so heaps. I'm gonna think about nobody but only you tonight.
Let's go to the UYENO ZOO in our dreams.

See you again, Dear Jerry Petty.

Tsukika from one of the HRC server you loved.

Re: my girls

 投稿者:Kozue  投稿日:2011年 9月21日(水)07時37分15秒
  > No.180[元記事へ]


Wow, how weird to see the postcard I wrote ages ago! Like the Ringo Starr book, Postcards from the Boys. Yes I was an enthusiastic Julian Lennon fan and am not so now! But I am still a Beatles fan. Sorry I don't support L'pool FC though. I don't do football and I ran from the pub whenever a match is on!


 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月29日(月)19時59分38秒
  Meal was invited by VENTURES Narita's guitarist.

Mr.Kondo are guitarists professional on a professional inside.

There is actually an experience of running through the Japanese whole country as VENTURES's opening act, too.

Moreover, one's teens is a man of the legend that serves as the chairman of Momoe Yamaguchi's fan club.

A fruitive night seems to come.

from my angel

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月26日(金)04時47分55秒
  Thank you for papa.

It has grown so much.

However, it walks slowly together because it is still small.

From your lovely daughter

full moon fever

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月25日(木)08時17分1秒
  This record that surely changed my life.

It was released in 89.

It kept listening only to 'Mystery girl' of this album and Roy Orbison in my summer of 89 years.

There is a sweet desire going out.

Summer of this year. It met her at the elementary school again after an interval of five years.

I was exceeding her height.

She stayed at my room on that night.

A sweet memory revives.

Afterwards, she was a dream from in the childhood, and it joined the police force.

She was Gemini.

NFL & Hard Rock

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月25日(木)08時03分20秒
  I love NFL.

It assists in Pittsburgh Steelers for years.

The Cowher head coach was loved.

Running back Bettis (36) was also good-looking.

The conning tower and the QB Ben Roethlisberger(7) are men who can trust it most.

NFL begins soon.

Go! Steelers!!!!

nudeman? @ syounan beach

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月24日(水)23時29分25秒
  jerry of appearance in the state of giving birth.

It is very lovely.

mao my sweet

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月24日(水)09時13分44秒
  Actually, I am very lonely.

She lightly exchanges it though I want to kiss my wife.

Therefore, I can do nothing but kiss maomi yuuki.

Her lip is thin, soft, and is very sweet.

now she is best kisser!

happy valentine!

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月24日(水)01時21分26秒
  I think that my life is trivial if there is no association with her.

She chest full loved me.

She always played with me with a smile of invincibility as if Audrey Hepburn.

If she is single now, I want to marry her.

I want to love each other like again.

from kayo

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月24日(水)01時03分58秒
  My thing was very loved though kayo was a married woman.

It was very good at kiss.

It was said that your baby would want it.

I do not forget still on that sweet night.

I want to meet by chance somewhere in the earth this ahead and to fall in love.

beatles postcards

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月24日(水)00時38分39秒
  Picture postcards that they sent me are all Beatles.

Very, it will be tactful.

They also love Beatles from which loving because I love doesn't stop.

After all, music is wonderful.

my girls

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月24日(水)00時26分53秒
  Kozue went out of Hokkaido University, and was introduced to London all alone.

She was Julian Lennon's enthusiastic fan.

Such she purposely sent the picture postcard from the L'pool.

Of course, there is a postmark of L'pool.

FC: It is a treasure for me also who is L'pool supporter.

Picture postcard that mikiko sent on my birthday.

It was to have married her.

She present must be happy.

It loves still.

Picture postcard that masami sent.

She went out of Department of Law of Hosei University, and became a lawyer.

She is terrible.

All Paul McCartney's Japan performances have been seen for 90 years though it is a high school student.

jerry ride the beetle!

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月23日(火)19時07分8秒
  This car is chosen from Bali when returning.

I love beetles.

i love tom petty forever

 投稿者:jerry  投稿日:2011年 8月23日(火)10時12分42秒
  Tom Petty is my eternal idol.

It was nailed down to his charm at high school days.

He is loved, and it has respected it since then.

Such a good-looking man is not found in another.